TK Photography

Capture your moment

It's my mission to capture your moment, as it happens.
My name is Tarsha and photography is my passion. I strive to create a unique photo experience for every person I photograph. I was trained in media/Associated Press photography during my time working for the U.S. Air Force. I specialize in action photography, yet traditional, scenic and wildlife photography each hold a special place in my heart. I prefer taking photos at a location that holds a special meaning to my clients, with an emphasis on catching the moment as it happens. As an animal lover, I also enjoy taking photos of beloved pets.  
A photo freezes a moment in time and preserves a memory for a lifetime. Make sure your moments are preserved for a lifetime.  
I am based in Laramie, WY and can be reached via phone at (509) 899-1964 or via email at
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